April 9: Venue Change

Hey gang, Bec O will not be able to host the April 9 gathering at her place as there is something else on. She is in the process of trying to rearrange. Check the diary here closer to the date to know what the change will be.


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  1. We flagged the idea of going on an excursion for our next gathering,
    and everybody seemed okay with it. Here is a blurb about it:

    Jim Wallis will be speaking at a Micah Challenge event at Melbourne
    Town Hall @ 2pm. Jim Wallis is a speaker, author, commentator and
    activist on ethics and public life. His recent book, God's Politics,
    became a best seller in the US and in Britain. Now an Australian
    edition is being launched with a foreword by Tim Costello.

    We could meet at the town hall before hand, listen to him speak and
    then find a place to get a coffee/something to eat and talk about what
    he said.

    How does that sound? Can everybody make it?

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