What do we want to do?

This post is in response to last Sunday afternoon’s gathering. The question that Adam posed was, what kinds of things do we want to do together?

The context of the question was, if we were to engage in some kind of mission together, which of those activities would require, or could benefit from pooling resources and/or money?

Simply hit the comments at the base of this article and let’s get the suggestions rolling. 


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  1. One of the things that I have not been able to get out of my head since I read the Deuteronomy 14 passage on tithing is, why don’t we have a big party? Once per year, go all out. Put in a significant amount of money, get some great food and great drink, organise it in a great place, and then invite everyone we have been missioning amongst, and celebrate? Mayb it can be our Christmas party?

    Also, I’d be keen to see everyone encouraged to make a withdrawl so that they can utilise the resources to be involved in some local form of mission, being accountable to the missio Dei community for mission in their local context.

    I’d like us to be proactive in looking out for those who are part of mission Dei and need some financial support, as well as being outward looking, being attuned to the needs of those in the communities that we are trying to serve, giving generously where we feel impelled by the Spirit.

    Enough from me.

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