Following up from the Jim Wallis event

Was great to hear Jim Wallis and I was particularly inspired by some of your responses. Things like:

  • Lisa keen for us to get our hands on the Micah DVD.
  • Bec and Jon wanting to know what we can o about our "slavery".
  • A few wanting to take the conversation about money further.
  • Nai's suggestion that we start to discern what are the issues, how God might want us to respond to them, and then think about how we use our money.

Lisa and Leanne will be developing the next gathering around how we might start trying to respond, and we have also booked in Greg and Elvira Hewson from TEAR Australia to help us think through how we engage locally and speak out.


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  1. Hi Guys, here is my summary of what I got out of yesterday.

    Jim said that the most important issue was for us to have a vision of what the world could be, that is, a world without poverty.

    It was then up to us to have hope for the future, speak out how that vision could become a reality, and start to get involved at the grass roots in our local areas to make this a reality.

    There was also an article in today’s age (click on the link).

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