missio Dei DNA

missio Dei DNAYears in the making! Sorry it has taken me so long guys, but here it is. Hopefully you can print this out and stick it somewhere to remind you. Lis and I will try and get some laminated versions out asap for everyone!


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  1. i like the pailm of the hand thing, but could you post the definition we came up with for the “compass points” somewhere?

  2. Jen, you are probably going to kill me but I lost them. Lis might have them somewhere in the house. I will check!

  3. Hey Stephen, it’s Nina… wow how did I find you here???See I have been searching… I haven’t forgotten that we were going to catch up to talk church and other incidentals. How do I contact you, maybe you can contact me… 97361384

  4. OK… for now might have to go with what i have in my head from the day we talked about them ->
    righteousness/justice axis is about god’s work of reconciling the world (from individual to global level) to himself
    the peace/joy access is about understanding our deep connection to the big story
    does that sound right?

  5. actually, that sounds very vague…

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