Having a go at transforming our 5 elements into accountability questions

Here is our first attempt at coming up with five simple accountability questions regarding how we practice the 5 at missio Dei. Following is all of the stuff that we came up with at the last girls gathering.

Missio Dei – Accountability questions
Draft – Girls gathering @ March 2007

Have a cup of coffee with God each week
Have you been intentional in your time with God?
1 hour of listening prayer a week.
Time praying with someone else each week.

Read 5 chapters of the Bible each week.
Do the Missio Dei monthly common readings and prayer

Inner Transformation
To be able to identify something that God is working on in your life
Have you journaled/kept track of your journey
Telling/recording your story as you are journeying each week (journaling)

Outer Transformation
To be involved in an act of justice/service each week/month
Each month do an act 4 of the following;

  • Social justice
  • Ecology and the Environment
  • Evangelism
  • Seeing God at work in your Vocation

Each week give away something/open up your home
Have you spent any money on someone other than yourself this month?
Bless someone without a reward to yourself three times a week.
Common Questions to be asked at each accountability gathering

Larger Group
1. Have you done your common readings & prayer? What did you get out of it?
In smaller groups of 2-4
2. Have you done your 1 hour listening prayer & 5 chapters of the Bible? What did God speak to you about?
3. What is God working on in your inner life and how are you responding? Share bits of your journal.

Larger group
4. Tell us about your acts of justice/service.
5. Tell us about your blessings / giving up something.


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