Boys light up

Just thought I’d reflect briefly on the boys first accountability gathering. I was there so we started by lighting a candle. (Pause for laughter from those who know me…)

Ahem , then we threw around the room doing a catchup on each others lives. After this, we then reflected upon how well we had gone that month, trying to live out the practices. As was expected, everyone had their strengths and weaknesses. There were ones that we did really well, often without thinking. This is encouraging because in many respects, it means that we have yielded this part of our lives to God, and he has had some opportunity to transform us.

There were areas that we were very deficient in also. So we encouraged each other, prayed for one another, and thought about some practical steps we could take in order to make some space for God to do some things in us. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Boys light up!


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