A Look at the Book – Luke Daily(ish) Reflection # 2

Luke 1: 39-56

Mary’s words here are known as the Magnificat.  It is worth remembering that Mary is a very young woman at this point – a teenager – but she displays here a deep knowledge about the ways of God.  She knows that her ‘humble state’ is not just coincidental to the fact that she was chosen to bear God: it’s one of the reasons she was chosen in the first place.  It’s the way God has always worked through history: taking the powerful off their thrones, lifting up the humble, sending the rich away, feeding the hungry.  Choosing a poor Jewish girl seems strange, but no stranger than the rest of the history of salvation.

A couple of things strike me:  One, what does this mean for Christians in politics?  Are we supposed to be seeking the thrones of power?  And two, God ‘sends the rich away empty’ . . .  Am I rich?


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  1. Several teachers of contempation refer to Mary as a wonderful example of the contemplative stance. Her response of fear moving quickly to accepance and joyful submission to “what is” and her faith translating that “what is” to being the will of God. No wonder the RC venerate her!

  2. I think the posture of the person is key, and as Christians, we need to apply Christ’s “lead-thru-serving-others” model, rather than “to-lead-is-to-have-servants”.
    Then, despite the arena – be it politics, business, relationships – it can become a perpetual cycle of empowerment and equity rather than a devisive pursuit of power.

    The term “rich” seems to allude that the posturing has become devisive along the way somewhere.

    I guess the challenge for us all is to apply this attitude in the small moments of every day, becuse the will flow onto out ‘bigger pictures’

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