Discipleship – Beginning a conversation

Discipleship – Beginning a conversation
The other night at blokes group, I talked about the privilege and responsibility to be on the discipleship journey. A few days later I was reading a book about leading communities of faith. It made a very simple statement. “People need to understand how to make disciples, not just being told to go and make disciples”.

The thought stayed with me for days. At missio we have talked allot about the need to make disciples and how this call must be at the centre of everything we do. When I reflect upon that discussion, I realise that perhaps we have not been so clear on what making disciples looks like. So what I want to do is to begin a conversation by writing a series of short articles that I’ll post to our blog (and email to the missio mailing list) that helps us as a community think through what it means to make disciples.

Here are some questions to kick the process off.

Discipleship – Beginning a conversation: Critical Questions

  1. What do I think discipleship is?
  2. How do I think a disciple is made? What’s involved?

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  1. We will post links to your blog on this topic as they are written.

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