Discipleship – Be a disciple, make a disciple.

That night at blokes group, I didn’t quote Star Wars but I am often doing so when talking about discipleship, espousing the very simple Jedi philosophy, namely to be a Jedi, one is always simultaneously a master and an apprentice. A Jedi is always in two kinds of relationships at the same time, one where s/he is (a) a student to another master and (b) s/he is also a master of a student. This simple set of relationships is a great framework to begin with. I think that the best ecosystem for discipleship is one where you are responsible for the spiritual growth and maturity of another follower of Jesus AND being in another relationship where you’re challenged and inspired to become more like Christ yourself.

Discipleship – Be a disciple, make a disciple: Critical Questions

  1. Who are you discipling right now? (If you are not, who can you?)
  2. Who is discipling you right now? (If no one it, who is a likely candidate?)

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