Pro Life, all of it…

Saturday the 10th saw the missio crew head down to Kilsyth to help The Babes project begin to put together their crisis pregnancy centre. It was a great time to be able to come together, to worship, to serve and to contribute to the “Pro Life” conversation in a constructive and life giving way. The Babes Project are an organisation that seek to to support women in crisis pregnancy through adoption and parenting options, which include encouraging families to take in young pregnant women. We love what they do and thanks to the hard work of Ben Lee, we were able to help them in a very practical way.

This post is jut to let everyone who is part of the missio community who was not there on the day, get some idea as to what we got up to, as well as being an opportunity to offer a great big heart felt “THANKYOU” to Ben (and Anna) Lee for all their work in helping us make a day of worship out of it.

Thanks heaps Ben!

The Babes Project HQ!


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  1. A true group effort…. well done Team Missio (aka Saids, Cogger, Scotty, Matheson, Lees and billy lids)… good to see us all getting our hands dirty!

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