The Email I was telling you about…

Hey guys, following is the email I was looking for but did not find in time. Here it is. I hope that it fills in some of the backstory regarding my reflections at Sunday's gathering.

NATURE AS MIRROR – Monday, October 3 – Death Anniversary of St. Francis in 1226

Francis’ first sermon was not to humans, but to birds. At the end of the sermon, he told the birds, “Now, go off, because I’ve told you who you are.” And he was addressing them as equals in creation, calling them “brother” and “sister,” as no one recorded had ever done before!

Throughout his life in his interactions with creatures—including a wolf, a lamb, worms, fish and bees—Francis is always telling them that by their very existence they are inherently giving glory to God. All things should be who they truly are, and that is enough. Every animal must simply “do itself.” Each creature has a unique thing to do in the circle of life, and in that simple performance it is giving glory to a unique aspect of God and making us happy besides—at least I hope so.

I wonder if Francis preached to birds, to wolves, and to sheep because he knew they would believe him and act on their true identity more easily than we humans.

From In the Footsteps of Francis: Awakening to Creation webcast 
(CD, DVD, MP3)


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