This Weekend…. and Upcoming Stuff

It's time to jump back into the full swing of things for the year, and there's a few dates and details that have settled into place, so here's a bit on a snapshot of what's coming up (it's in the Missio web calendar as well, if that's your thing)


Gathering / BBQ
When: Sun 22nd Jan (this weekend!) 11am kick-off?
Where: Saids place
What: A casual get together to ease back into it and catch up with everyone, followed by a BBQ. Stay tuned for Lisa's detail-packed SMS


Girls Group
(Regular Rhythm: First Tues of the Month)
When: Tues 7th Feb @ 8pm
Were: Coggers

When: Sun 12th Feb 10am
Where: Saids place
What: Getting Back into the rhythm

Guys Group
(Regular Rhythm: Second Tues of the Month – but has been twarted by Valetine's Day for Feb, so we've moved back a week )
When: Tues 21st Feb
Where: Smyth's


Missio Retreat (Raincheck!)
We had originally slated this for late Feb, but it has snuck up on us, and so we are looking into making it sometime around Easter. Stay tuned for further details.

Babes Project Grand Opening
Tues Feb 14th 7:30pm – 9:30 
@ the Babes Centre

'INPUT' Gathering
Geoff and Steve will be facilitating
Book of the cycle: Psalms
Theme: Prayer

Kids: Ben L + one other…


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