From our Delhi based activitst! (ie: The Carters)

He guys, here is a great little update from the Carters regarding the slum community that she asked us to pray for. (Check out the whole conversation by clicking on the Facebook icon on the top of this web page).

The High Court has accepted our submission and set the next hearing date for… (wait for it)… September! Indian justice system at its most speedy and efficient. But in this case the lack of efficiency works in our favour becau185771_10151423293502578_96789090_nse we got an interim order saying the basti inhabitants couldn’t get evicted pending the outcome of this high Court case. So if this hearing date is any indication I expect this case will drag on for 2-3 (maybe more) years. Here’s hoping the government looses interest in the land in the meantime. Sort of ironic – my role here for the last 3 years has been to weed out and fight inefficiencies within the justice system, but now I am on the other end of things, I can’t help but feel a bit happy about it! Basti people are content for the moment – they are people who live day to day so September feels forever away to them. Thanks again to you all for your prayers and interest in this case. Will let you know of any developments come September…


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