Through the eyes of the vanquished.

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Hey guys. I wonder if you have had a chance to (re)visit Galatians? Last gathering, we had another look at a very provocative framework for reading this book of the bible. The insights we gleaned were disturbing but at the same time pretty exciting, especially for those of us who are possibly a little jaded and overly familiar with Galatians. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you guys to get into it a little bit before we gather again on Sunday at Allwood house. For those of you who missed the last gathering, here is a quick snippet from the book that Geoff and I are using to help us see the wonder of what it means to follow the wild and lawless Spirit on a quest to love God and love neighbor:

Themes of imperial propaganda — order vs. lawlessness, civilization vs. barbarity, harmony vs. anarchy — echo in Paul’s letter and highlight the deeper issues at stake in the Galatian crisis. Paul’s struggle is motivated not by Jewish antagonists but by Gentile anxiety about status on a landscape where withdrawal from the civic celebrations of Rome’s glory was held in the gravest suspicion.


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